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Physitemp now offers two sizes of flexible blankets for use with the TCAT-2LV and TCAT-2DF controllers. These blankets use far infrared radiation to penetrate deep into the body. The smaller blanket  8” x 6” is suitable for mice and small rats.  The larger blanket 14” x 14”  is suitable for adult rats and guinea pigs.  

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Heat Lamp, HL-1:
Optional infrared heat lamp is table mounted with an adjustable swing arm providing for easy adjustment of radiant heat to specimen. The lamp is supplied with a 250W(infrared) heat lamp bulb and a built in reflector. A chrome bulb guard is also provided and easily snaps onto the lamp housing after the bulb is installed. Fits standard 110V AC socket.

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Heating Plate, HP-1M

Optional direct current heating plate for small rodents(mice and rats). Standard plate is black anodized aluminum and measures 4 3/8W" x 8.5" with small feet giving it an elevation of 1/4" above the surface it sits on, such as a table or stereotaxic stage. It is easily cleaned with alcohol.

It has a feedback sensor to prevent overheating when used with our TCAT-2 series of controllers.

Custom sizes are also available with longer lead times.

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Switchbox: SBT-5

SBT-5 Switches on front panel, inputs on back panel. Case is designed to clamp onto any Thermalert Monitoring Thermometer, but unit will connect to any miniature type T thermocouple socket.

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Switchbox: SWT-2

SWT-2 Lets you use two probes in a thermometer with a single input. SWT-2 was designed with BAT-12 in mind -- it is small and easy to carry in the field with portable BAT-12 -- but it also fits any miniature Type T Socket.

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WF-1 In-Line Sediment Filter

Physitemp Instruments has introduced an In-line Sediment Filtration System for its extensive range of thermoelectric cooling and heating stages. The filtration system comprises a compact tabletop unit with a clear plastic filter housing. Water connections are made from the water supply and to the thermoelectric stage using the standard quick/disconnect self-sealing water fitting used on all Physitemp’s current stages.

Physitemp Instruments recommends the use of the WF-1 Sediment Filter with all BFS and TS series stages that are either directly connected to an unfiltered tap water supply or are using a PTU-3 pump and Tank Unit system filled with unfiltered tap water. If the PTU-3 is used with distilled water, sediment in the reservoir should be minimal and the WF-1 may not be required.

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Water Pump and Tank Unit "Model-PTU-3"

Model-PTU-3 -Pump and Tank Unit was designed for use with Physitemp's range of thermoelectric cooling and heating stages. It provides a convenient reservoir of cooling water when a stage is operated in the cooling mode for an extended period of time in a location which has no source of tap water nearby to cool the hot side of the thermoelectric heat pump.  The reservoir tank holds seven gallons of water, which is adequate to run the smaller stages like the TS-4 series Thermal Stage or the BFS series 3 or 5 Freezing Stages for up to eight hours and a larger stage like the BFS-30 for up to four hours....

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