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Needle Microprobes

Fast-response needle probes for instant readings in tissue, semisolids, liquids. Also for very small specimens, powders and materials. Needle tip is sealed to ensure only stainless steel contacts specimen. Max. temp. 200°C. 5 ft. lead. Smallest microprobes give fastest reading. Short probes are easier to insert and last longer. Type #'s indicate needle gauge and needle length in cm..-
Sizes Available (ga/cm.):...

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Flexible Implantable Probes

IT Series. Implantable in semi-solids and tissue with needle (supplied). Also for immersion in various solutions and rectal temperatures of small animals. Totally sheathed in chemical resistant Teflon. Quite rugged. Max Temp. 150°C. Isolated. Type # designates needle gauge. (Or one gauge smaller in thin wall)....

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Ultra Fine IT-Series Flexible Microprobe

IT-24P - Tiny, 24 gauge polyurethane coated wire with polyester insulated thermocouple bead.

For research applications to measure temperature in animal brains and other tissue. Fairly fragile, but very fast responding. Wire cross section .005” x .0025” Insulated tip maximum outside diameter .009”....

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General Purpose Probes

HT-1 - "Workhorse" probe for liquids, gases, semi-solids. Plastic handle with straight stainless steel shaft. Not good for surface temps. Max. Temp. 400°C. Time constant 0.5 secs. 5 ft. lead. Not Isolated.
HT-2 - As HT-1 but with 9" shaft.

BT-1 - For surface temperatures of solids, also for liquids, gases and semi-solids. Probably our best general purpose probe. Welded stainless steel shaft, plastic handle. Tip is .02" diameter bent at right angle to probe to facilitate accurate surface measurement. 5 ft. lead. Immersible. Max. Tip Temp. 240°C. Time constant 0.15 secs. Not Isolated....

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Clinical Probes

RET-1 - Rectal probe for humans, neonatal, rabbits, and larger animals. Flexible, vinyl covered, soft tipped. Does not cause discomfort. Max. Temp. 90°C. Time constant 5.0 secs. 5 ft. lead. Isolated.

OT-1 - For fast reading oral use. Ball-tipped stainless steel shaft, stainless handle. 5 ft. lead. Max. Temp. 125°C. Time constant 0.8 secs. Not Isolated.

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Animal Rectal Probes

RET-2 - Rectal probe for rats. For fast intermittent measurements. Smooth ball tip. Stainless steel shaft - 1 " long, 0.059" dia., tip dia. .125". 5 ft. lead. Max Temp. 125°C. Time constant 0.8 secs. Not Isolated.

RET-3 - Rectal probe for mice, etc. As RET-2, with shaft 3/4" long. .028" dia. Tip diameter .065". Time constant 0.5 secs. Not Isolated.

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The new RET-2-ISO for rats has all the same features of the RET-2 plus:

* an isolated sensor (can be used with montoring equipment where electrical interference from other electrodes may be present).
* Reinforced strain relief for applications where probe is in more frequent use. Smooth ball tip. Stainless steel shaft - 1” long, .059” dia. Tip diameter .125”. 5 foot lead length. Time constant 0.8 secs.

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The new RET-3-ISO for mice and neonatal rats has all the same features of the RET-3 plus:

* an isolated sensor (can be used with montoring equipment where electrical interference from other electrodes may be present)...

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The new RET-4 Rectal probe for very small animals (neonatal mice). Flexible polyurethane sheath with smooth rounded tip (see inset). 36” long (can be made longer). Outside diameter nominal 0.032” (max at tip 0.04”). Time constant 0.18 seconds. Max temp. 80°C. May be sterilized by Gas (ETO), Gluteraldehyde solution.

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Teflon sheathed thermocouple wires are implanted with regular hypodermic needle. 14ga. or 17ga.
When ordering, specify: Probe series (IT), needle ...
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MT Series Needle Microprobes

These stainless steel microprobes have closed, sharpened tips. We can put up to 3 sensors in a 23ga needle and 1 or 2 sensors in a 26ga needle....

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Type T Thermocouple Wire

0.1°C accuracy in the following sizes: 30ga, 36ga, 40ga, 44ga

Most thermocouple wire used in the manufacture of sensors is "Special Limits" wire which, to meet NIST standards, must be accurate to 0.5°C in the range 0-50°C. This means that even with most sophisticated electronics, the best possible accuracy for the system is 0.5°C....

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