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ESociety for Neuroscience Trade Show
November 16-19, 2014,
Society for Neuroscience Washington, DC Booth 2633

Stop by our booth to view our complete product line. Feel free to come by and discuss your application or temperature needs with one of our Engineers on site. If you can’t make it to our booth, please feel free to e-mail us at the contact link above with any questions or product application concerns you may have.

Newest Products

Ultra Fine Flexible Microprobe

IT-24P - Tiny, 24 gauge polyurethane coated wire with polyester insulated thermocouple bead. For research applications to measure temperature in animal brains and other tissue. Fairly fragile, but very fast responding. Wire cross section .005 x .0025 Insulated tip maximum outside diameter .009. ...

Featured Product: Animal Temperature Control

TCAT-2 Temperature Controller "Animal Temperature Controller"

Temperature Controller with RET-3 Temperature probe and HL-1, Heat Lamp

Our new TCAT-2 family of general purpose PID Autotuning Controllers provides accurate temperature control in a variety of laboratory applications. Combined with a heat lamp or heating pad, the TCAT-2 may be used to maintain the body temperature of anesthetized animals during surgery or stereotaxic procedures. Small animal cages are easily warmed with a heat lamp. The TCAT-2 may also be

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