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Type T Thermocouple Probes & Wire
General Purpose Probes

HT-1 - "Workhorse" probe for liquids, gases, semi-solids. Plastic handle with straight stainless steel shaft. Not good for surface temps. Max. Temp. 400°C. Time constant 0.5 secs. 5 ft. lead. Not Isolated.
HT-2 - As HT-1 but with 9" shaft.

BT-1 - For surface temperatures of solids, also for liquids, gases and semi-solids. Probably our best general purpose probe. Welded stainless steel shaft, plastic handle. Tip is .02" diameter bent at right angle to probe to facilitate accurate surface measurement. 5 ft. lead. Immersible. Max. Tip Temp. 240°C. Time constant 0.15 secs. Not Isolated.

DPT Series- Immersion probes for liquids. #304 stainless steel welded shaft, wooden handle. 5 ft. lead. Max. Temp. 400°C (750°F). Time constant 2 secs. Not Isolated.

TFT Series - Immersion probes for corrosive liquids. Similar to DPT series but shaft is Teflon coated. Max. Temp. 150°C (300°F). Time constant 3 secs. Isolated. 5 ft. lead.

PT-6 - Sensor Six-Pack. For multi-point measurements. Inexpensive, flexible, welded sensor beads, tough Kapton insulation, 5 ft. leads. Max. Temp. 400° C. Time constant 0.01 secs. Per package of six. Not Isolated.

PIT-12 - For permanent installation. 12" lnconel shaft 1/8" dia. Can be formed to fit inside or outside any dia. pipe. Complete with 1/8" NPT compression fitting. 10 ft. leads and quick-disconnect plugs and sockets. Max. Temp. 400°C (750° F). Time constant 3 secs. Not Isolated.
PIT-6 - Has 6" stainless steel shaft; otherwise as PIT-12.

GT-1 - Air and gas probe. 24" #304 stainless steel shaft, wooden handle. 5 ft. leads. For instant readings of temperature gradients in environmental chambers, freezer boxes, etc. Max. Temp. 200°C. Min. Temp. -200°C. Isolated.

DPT Specifications
Type   Shaft
DPT-12   12"
DPT-24   24"
DPT-35   36"

TFT Specifications
Type   Shaft
TFT-12   12"
TFT-24   24"
TFT-36   36"
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