Small Fast Accurate Temperature Probes

Physitemp Instrument’s miniature Type T thermocouple sensors provide the widest and most versatile selection of temperature probes available for bioscience and analytical chemistry applications. All our clinical probes and microprobes are made with Physitemp’s proprietary copper-constantan thermocouple wire and are guaranteed accurate to ±0.1°C within the physiological range. All probes are interchangeable and do not require individual calibration when used with any of our Type T thermocouple instruments over the specified range. Physitemp manufactures a wide range of interchangeable Type T thermocouple temperature probes ranging from general purpose probes, Animal rectal probes, skin probes, brain probes, subcutaneous probes, both flexible and needle designs all with an accuracy of ±0.1°C. Physitemp Instruments also manufactures high accuracy OEM thermocouple probe assemblies and proprietary thermocouple wire to many prestigious medical manufacturers who incorporate temperature monitoring into their products. We also make custom probes in any quantity including multisensory microprobes with as many as 10 sensors.

Our tiny sensors, welded under microscopes are used to make needle probes as small as 29 gauge and flexible probes with diameter s as small as .005’’. Small mass results in fast response times, with time constants as low as .003 seconds. Our miniature thermocouples cannot be matched for size, speed of response or price.

Our best selling probes, the flexible IT-18 series, are used in many scientific and industrial applications; for implantation in tissue, in spectrophotometer cuvettes, rectally in neonatal mice and in water baths. They are fast reading, strong, completely sealed in medical grade TFE flexible Teflon® and may be sterilized by gas (ETO), gluteraldehyde solution or autoclave.