Temperature Controllers

When temperature control is required either before, during or after animal surgeries, we offer precise and consistent temperature control with our TCAT-2 series Temperature controllers. Our controllers can be coupled with either our infrared Heat Lamp, HL-1, stereotaxic Heat Plates, HP-1M and HP-4M and/or our warming blankets, WM-1 and WM-2. In addition to our precise temperature monitoring equipment, we offer a complete line of thermoelectric heating and cooling stages for both microscopes and microtomes.

Our TS-4MP series, thermal stages fit most microscopes and enable the temperature of a specimen to be maintained and regulated between -20° and +100°C to within 0.1°C. We also make custom stages for special applications. Our BFS-MP freezing stages for microtomes offer an inexpensive solution to frozen tissue sections and fit easily onto most microtomes. Freezing starts immediately and can be maintained indefinitely.