Temperature Measurement

Physitemp Instruments can provide you with a very accurate temperature monitor and Type T thermocouple microprobes. Physitemp Type T Thermocouple Digital thermometers have a resolution and accuracy of 0.1°C in the 0-50°C range and are traceable to NIST standards. Other competitive electronic thermometers might have 0.1°C resolution, but their accuracy is usually ±0.5°C or worse. Furthermore, all our type T Thermocouple clinical probes are guaranteed accurate to ±0.1°C, due to our stringent wire standards. These are five times more accurate than competitive probes made with regular "Special Limits" wire. Combining a Physitemp BAT-10, BAT-12, TH-8 or TH-5 digital thermometer with any physitemp temperature probe will ensure a combined worst case error of no more than ±0.2°C within the physiological range.

When multiple temperature measurements and recording are necessary, we offer our Temperature Data Acquisition System the THERMES USB, which provides the same 0.1°C accuracy as our digital thermometers and accepts our entire range of Type T thermocouple temperature probes.. The Thermes system turns any PC or laptop into a precision multichannel thermocouple thermometer. A wireless version of the THERMES USB is also available.

Because temperature is a fundamental variable which affects all biological and chemical activity, Physitemp's products find applications in a wide array of technical situations. Some of the more common applications are as follows:

  • Our tiny flexible Teflon microprobes are used subcutaneously for implantation in tissue, in spectrophotometer cuvettes, rectally in neonatal mice, in water baths, PCR thermal cyclers, etc...
  • Our multisensor probes can be implanted to map tumor temperature profiles during hyperthermia
  • Animal rectal temperatures during surgical procedures
  • Skin temperature measurement during exercise physiology studies