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W-TW-40P Gauge Type T Thermocouple Wire

Product Features

  • 0.1 C Accuracy in 30ga, 35ga, 40ga, 44ga
  • Many Insulation Materials Available
  • OEM Quantities and Pricing

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Price: $85 per 50 foot roll
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Bare Wire Diameter .003''
AWG 40
Insulation Type Polyurethane
Insulation tdickness .00025''
Insulation Form Twin
Overall Dimension .0035'' x .007''
Temperature Range 125°C
Accuracy ±0.1°C in the physiological range
Response Time 4 mS

Power N/A


Input/Output N/A


Type T Thermocouple Wire

0.1°C accuracy in the following sizes: 30ga, 36ga, 40ga, 44ga

Most thermocouple wire used in the manufacture of sensors is "Special Limits" wire which, to meet NIST standards, must be accurate to 0.5°C in the range 0-50°C. This means that even with most sophisticated electronics, the best possible accuracy for the system is 0.5°C.

Physitemp wire is tested to stringent standards and is guaranteed accurate to 0.1°C i n the range 0-50°C. It is therefore five times more accurate than regular "Special Limits" wire. It is intended for applications where high accuracy is essential but where the low cost of thermocouples is important.

We can supply this wire in rolls of 50' or in larger quantities. We will also weld thermocouples and provide custom sheaths if required.

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