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IT-18EXLONG Flexible Implantable Microprobe

  • IT-18EXLONG  Flexible Implantable Microprobe in Flexible Implantable Probes
  • IT-18EXLONG  Flexible Implantable Microprobe in Flexible Implantable Probes

Product Features

  • Accurate to ±0.1°C
  • Small with Fast Response Time
  • Tissue Implantable

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Price: $138
Dowload Assets related to this product: Manual PDF : DataSheet : Sterilization Protocol


Sensor Tip Diameter .025''
Accuracy ±0.1°C in the physiological range
Time Constant: 0.1 seconds
Maximum Temperature 150°C
Minimum Temperature -100°C
Lead Length 5 feet
Sterilization Protocol Autoclavable, ETO gas, Isoprophyl Alcohol and Gluteraldehyde solution





IT-18EXLONG Flexible Implantable Microprobe with 5 foot lead - Implantable in semi-solids and tissue with 18 gauge needle (supplied). Also for immersion in various solutions and rectal temperatures of small animals. Totally sheathed in chemical resistant Teflon™. Quited rugged. Maximum Temperature 150°C . Isolated. Probe diameter .050" (14 gauge represents the needle gauge that the probe can be inserted through). Time constant 0.3 seconds.

Time Constant is defined as the time required to reach 63% of final temperature in liquid. An accurate reading is obtained when the reading stops changing, typically 5-10 time constants.

Maximum Temperature refers to intermittent use of probe. When probe is used for continuous measurements, maximum temperature should be reduced by 25% unless specified.

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