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TS-4SMP Thermal Microscope Stage for Petri Dish

  • TS-4SMP Thermal Microscope Stage for Petri Dish in Heating/Cooling Stages for Microscopes

Product Features

  • Displays Set-up & Operating Temperature
  • Control within 0.1°C
  • Built in Digital Thermometer & Probe
  • -20° to +60°C Temperature Range
  • Fits most Microscopes

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Price: $5300
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Temperature Range -20° to +100°C
Temperature Controlled Surface Area 1.25'' x 1.5''
Feedback Sensor Type T Thermocouple, copper-constantan
Weight less than 5 pounds
Dimensions 7.25'' W x 4.5''H x 10''D
Lead Length 40 inches
Material Copper, nickel plated


Temperature Range
Readout Dual Display of Set(green) and Run(red) temperatures
Resolution ±0.1°C
Ambient Operating Range
Power Supply 110V or 220V AC
Power Consumption approximately 100 Watts
AC Accessory Output
Weight less than 5 pounds


With our TS-4SMP Thermal Stage for Petri Dish, a specimen on a microscope slide or culture dish can be maintained at any temperature between -20°C and +60°C. Setup is easy, takes little time, and the controller will regulate the stage temperature to within +/-0.1°C. The collar on the stage is designed to accommodate a 35mm 'Nunc' petri dish. The collar may also be removed for use with slides.

TS-4SMP is a thermoelectric (Peltier) device and has no moving parts. No CO2 or liquid nitrogen is used for cooling. Only the AC Current and a trickle of water are needed for operation. Two versions are available.

Range: TS-4SMP -20° to +60°C

TS-4SMPER -20° to +100°C

The TS-4SMP consists of a stage, a controller and an optional pump unit (PTU-3) or Inline Water Filter (WF-1) :

The Stage is nickel-plated copper, with a thermoelectric module mounted on one side. A hole in the metal plate permits the use of transmitted light.

Water is required for removal of excess heat generated by Peltier cooling from the stage. The two water tubes have self-sealing connections to prevent spills. Running water from a tap can be used. If tap water is not easily accessible, our pump and tank unit, the PTU-3 , is compact and convenient.

Sensors mounted in the stage provide temperature monitoring for control purposes and for safety. The safety sensors prevent overheating in case of failure of cooling water supply or other malfunction.

The Controller produces a maximum of 10Amps at approximately 5 volts DC of the thermoelectric modules in the stage. Output polarity is automatically reversed when the stage requires a change from heating to cooling, or vice versa. During adjustment of the desired temperature, the SV digital display indicates the control temperature selected while the PV display reads the actual temperature.

The thermometer circuitry in the TS-4MP can also be used as an independent thermometer, either with the microprobe supplied or with any other Type T thermocouple sensor. A separate thermocouple microprobe is supplied with the TS-4.

The optional pump and tank unit ,PTU-3, is connected to an auxiliary AC output on the back of the controller. The tank provides sufficient circulation to keep the stage cooled. All water connections are self-sealing.

Using the TS-4MP

The standard TS-4 thermal stage fits easily onto most microscopes and is adjusted with the mechanical stage controls. There are spring clips on the surface which can be used to hold a glass slide in position on the thermal Stage. The controller has two displays. The control temperature can be adjusted by the buttons on the front of the controller. Temperature selection is indicated on the SV digital display. The actual temperature is indicated on the PV display.

Custom Stage Design

If our stage does not fit easily on your instrument, we may be able to modify it. We make custom stages for special applications and/or specific microscopes. These devices can maintain stage and specimen temperature anywhere between -20°C and +100°C (depending on model). The custom stages are made to the user's specifications and can be a simple modification of the standard TS-4MP stage or completely new configuration. Both upright and inverted microscopes can be accommodated. Please contact our Engineering Department to discuss your particular application.

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