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BAT-10 Multipurpose Thermometer

Product Features

  • Resolution and accuracy as high as 0.01°
  • Differential Mode
  • Multiple Probe Inputs
  • Three Temperature Ranges: 01°, 0.1°, 1°
  • NIST Traceable Accuracy

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Price: $1260
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Temperature Range -200° to +400°C, 1°C res. -100°C to 199.9°C, 0.1°C res., Differential range: -19.99°C to +19.99°C, 0.01°C res.
Accuracy 1° range: 1°C ± least significant digit, 0.1° range: 0.1°C ± 1 least significant digit, diff. range: 0.01°C ± 1 least significant digit
Ambient Operating Range 15-45°C
Calibration Conformity Conforms to NIST tables - (monograph 175)
Sensors Type T Thermocouple


Batteries 4 alkaline ''C'' cells
Battery Life
Power Supply battery operated
Dimensions 8.5''W x 9''D x 3.5''H
Weight 3 lbs.



Inputs 3
Input Socket Type T
Analog Output 0mV at 0°C, 125mV at 40°C non-linearity <5% below 100°C
Readout 3fi digits, LCD


Our most versatile thermometer with 3 temperature ranges

• -200°C to +400°C, 1°C resolution

• -100°C to +199.99°C, 0.1°C resolution

• Differential Temperature Range: -19.99° to +19.99°C, linearization centered at 40°C, 0.01° resolution

This versatile thermometer has a wide temperature range and can be used in applications as diverse as cryogenic measurements for blood banking and cryosurgery, skin temperature measurements in exercise experiments, liquid measurements in spectrophotometer cuvettes, melting points of plastics and all types of animal and insect temperature measurements.

BAT-10 accuracy is NIST traceable and in each temperature range accuracy is the same as the resolution. For instance, in the 0.1°C range, accuracy is 0.1°C (± least significant digit). Few digital thermometers will do this. In most instruments there is a difference of several tenths between specified accuracy and resolution. At physiological temperatures, where minute changes can be critical, the differential range allows readings to 0.01°C with 0.01°C accuracy.

Differential Measurements

When probes are connected to inputs 2 and 3, the difference between the probes is displayed to 0.01°C. Linearization is center at 40°C. Because the BAT-10 has such high accuracy and sensitivity, measurements accurate to 0.01°C can be made around this point. Repeatability, which is most important for this type of measurement, is 0.01°C. If a stable reference such as Physitemp's OST-6 is connected to input 2 of the BAT-10, the absolute temperature of probe 3 can be easily calculated, to 0.01°C, by adding the differential reading to reference temperature.

Analog Output & Linearized Output

The BAT-10 and BAT-10R are supplied with a non-linearized analog output suitable for most chart recording applications. This output relates to the thermocouple curve and corresponds closely to temperature over the physiological range. It can be used directly for strip chart recording in this range. In other ranges, temperature can easily be calculated. For users who need a strip chart recording which exactly reflects temperature over a wide range, an optional linearized output is available (see BAT-10/LOP and BAT-10R/LOP). This output is directly proportional to the reading on the display.

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