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BAT-12 Microprobe Thermometer

  • BAT-12 Microprobe Thermometer in Electronic Thermometers

Product Features

  • Accuracy & resolution 0.1°C
  • Durable, sealed construction
  • Heavy duty carrying case for field use
  • Analog output

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Price: $750
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Temperature Range -100° to +200°C
Accuracy 0.1°C ± 1 digit between 0-50°C, 0.1% ± digit over full range
Ambient Operating Range 15-45°C
Calibration Conformity Conforms to NIST tables - (monograph 175)
Sensors Type T Thermocouple


Batteries 9V transistor battery
Battery Life
Power Supply
Dimensions 5''W x 2.5''H x 6''D
Weight 2 lbs, including carrying case



Inputs 1
Input Socket Type T
Analog Output 10mV per degree C, Approx.
Readout 3.5 digit, 0.5'' LCD


Microprobe Thermometer for Laboratory and Field Use

The BAT-12 laboratory digital thermometer is Physitemp's most popular and best selling instrument due to its versatility, quality construction and low cost.

The BAT-12 has 0.1°C resolution and super accuracy of 0.1°C ±1 digit between 0-50°C, 0.1°C ± 1 digit over full range.The temperature range is -100 to 200°C. The BAT-12 provides fast readings, usually within 2-5 seconds depending on the temperature probe in use.

The standard BAT-12 is battery operated, providing over one hundred hours of continuous use. A rechargeable model BAT-12R which runs on AC in the lab or on ni-cad batteries in the field is also available. All BAT-12 thermometers are provided with analog output for recording temperature data. To record multiple channels simultaneously see our THERMES data acquisition system.

The BAT-12 is designed with a sealed care making it moisture, dust and fume proof so the BAT-12 can be used not only in the lab and filed but also in industrial environments as well. The BAT-12 is supplied with a heavy duty camera style carrying case for portable field use or can be used in the lab with our optional tabletop stand TTS-4.

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