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TH-8/AOP Thermalert Clinical Monitoring Thermometer

Product Features

  • Precise, yet economical
  • °C or °F reading
  • Safe Battery Operation
  • High Stability
  • Ideal for laboratory or hospital use

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Price: $800
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Temperature Range -10° to +60°C, 14° to 140°F switchable
Accuracy 0.1°C ± 1 digit between 0-50°C
Ambient Operating Range 15-45°C
Calibration Conformity Conforms to NIST tables - (monograph 175)
Sensors Type T Thermocouple


Batteries Four ''C'' cells
Battery Life 1200 hours continous
Power Supply Battery operated
Dimensions 6''W x 3.25''H x 6.25''D
Weight 2.75 lbs



Inputs 3 switchable probe inputs
Input Socket Type T
Analog Output Approx. 10mV per degree C
Readout 0.7'' high LCD


The TH-8/AOP is one of our most economical precision thermometers in the Physitemp product line. The TH-8 offers the same high accuracy (0.1°C ±1 digit) and resolution as all our other thermometers, but with a narrow temperature range.

The TH-8 has a temperature range 0f -10 to +60°C with 3 probe inputs. The TH-8 is also switchable from celsius to Fahrenheit. The TH-8 is ideally suited for either a laboratory or hospital setting where continuous temperature readings within the physiological range are sufficient.

For lab applications where recording is needed, the TH-8/AOP is supplied with analog output

The instrument is easy to use - just connect the sensor and switch on. For safety, the TH-8 is battery operated. Battery life is approximately 1200 continuous hours. The digital display reads to 0.1°C with 0.1° accuracy ±1 digit. Physitemp offers a complete line of Type T Thermocouple probes, which are all interchangeable for use with the TH-8 Thermometer. No probe calibration necessary.

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